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TechCrunch / Signs it might be time to consider hiring a CEO

As a founder, there sometimes comes a point in your company’s growth trajectory when you need to hire a CEO or president from the outside to get to the next level. This can be an incredibly difficult decision to make, but it’s better for you to make the decision yourself than to be told by your board that they’re hiring one whether you like it or not. Read More

TechCrunch / If, when and how to avoid hiring A CEO

Though debated among some venture investors, in my view, it is always better for a founder to grow into being a CEO. When there’s a choice, the founder’s vision, culture, and approach are usually more important than “good management” alone. While I’ll offer some insights for investors, this piece is primarily addressed to the founders themselves. I’ll start with some suggestions for buying time to learn and grow into the CEO role. Read More

Gene pool engineering for entrepreneurs

How many people should you hire? Where should you look? How should you approach them? These are questions that are as important as they are inevitable for every single entrepreneur. Engaging them as early as possible is a key to startup success. Read More

Guide for performance management

Most managers complain about having to do performance reviews - so why do them? Performance reviews are not required by law. However, they are important tools to ensure you and your employees are on track re: performance expectations. Read More

The art, science and labor of recruiting

Congratulations, you are now an executive at a venture-backed company! You survived the presentations, the term sheet shuffle and the due-diligence. Everyone is calling you the Founder (which is true), yet you are actually a technologist, an engineer or just a “great ideas person” with an instinct for the market. But now you have to recruit a team; perhaps, for example, a VP Marketing (maybe you have never been in a room with a real VP Marketing and don't really know what one does or how to assess his or her capabilities!). Read More

Good product manager, bad product manager

A Good Product Manager plays critical role in a successful product. A successful product is the highest impact contribution that anyone can make in the PD organization. In fact, the number one criteria for selecting a Vice President is the candidate's track record (or lack thereof) of successful products that become profitable businesses for their company. Read More

Good group product manager

Group Product Manager is the most important non-executive position in a software company. In fact, it is more important and has higher impact on the company than many executive posts. A failed product can sink the company. A successful product can literally redefine the course of the business. Nobody is more responsible or more accountable for a product than the Group Product Manager. Read More