KV CEO Summit Archive

Fireside chat with Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin

At the annual KV CEO Summit, we were fortunate to have both Larry Page and Sergey Brin sit down to discuss a wide range of topics including the acquisition that never was (although not for lack of trying!), why computers today are still pretty bad, their partnership over the last 16 years, the future of Google, government 2.0 and how machine learning and technology will shape our future of abundance. Read More

Design is…

Today, design is as important as technology. I was meeting with a startup last week when the principal architect asked me why is design more important now than ever before? And to answer that, let’s reflect on the evolution of automobile design. Read More

Big data, better health

In this video, hear from Ginger.io founder/CEO, Anmol Madan, as he explains how the explosion in data and sensors transitions care from episodic data to continuous insight, which results in improved clinical outcomes and cost savings. Read More

Dare to disagree

Margaret Heffernan is the author of “Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at our Peril.” Previously, she served as the CEO of InfoMation Corporation, ZineZone Corporation and iCAST Corporation. In this talk, learn why its important for leaders and organizations to cultivate a culture where people can dare to disagree based on her extensive research on willful blindness. Read More

China opportunities

In this video, learn more about China with their growing middle class, status as the number one exporter, not to mention that the country are expected to invest from $600-700 billion in sustainable energy in the next few years. Read More

Design thinking

In this video, hear from Tim Brown, the CEO and President of IDEO, as he discusses how one might apply design thinking more broadly to a business, strategy and organization. Read More