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Design is…

Today, design is as important as technology. I was meeting with a startup last week when the principal architect asked me why is design more important now than ever before? And to answer that, let’s reflect on the evolution of automobile design. Read More

Designing the future: Making technology more accessible

Design matters. In 1980, when I was working on my first startup, Daisy Systems, I hired my first designer, David Kelly. This was long before his IDEO days and much to the chagrin of people who thought we were wasting precious venture money. The attitude towards design has since changed dramatically; mobile is the ultimate example. Cell phones were around for decades and then the iPhone came along and that changed everything. It also changed the perception of design’s role in technology, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in user experience and design thinking. Read More

Design thinking

In this video, hear from Tim Brown, the CEO and President of IDEO, as he discusses how one might apply design thinking more broadly to a business, strategy and organization. Read More