Big data

Ayasdi is transforming how the world uses data to solve complex problems with an automated insight discovery platform that helps organizations operationalize insights from their data. The company was founded in 2008 after a decade of research at Stanford, funded by DARPA and NSF. Ayasdi’s Insight Discovery platform uses Topological Data Analysis (TDA) which combines a large number of machine learning techniques to enable business people, domain experts and data scientists to achieve value from their data without the need to invest man-years writing code or fruitless queries.

Evolv is a big data company that helps solve workforce performance issues for the C-suite by utilizing a configurable cloud services platform. Evolv’s patent-pending technology platform unifies and supplements existing data from current systems, then utilizes that data set to identify fact-based workforce insights that drive measurable ROI. By using objective, data-driven methodology, Evolv helps companies uncover the core reasons behind workforce performance, enabling executives to make better operational business decisions that generally result in tens of millions of dollars in measurable value per year.

Kaggle is the world’s largest community of data scientists and a platform for predictive modeling and analytics competitions and consulting. Users compete with each other to solve complex data science problems using the latest and varied applications of machine learning. The company has a track-record of solving real-world problems across an array of industries including energy, life sciences, financial services, aviation, information technology and retail.

MemSQL is a real-time analytics platform helping companies to query big data quickly and adapt to changing business conditions. MemSQL is a next generation database that removes the most common bottleneck most applications hit today: disk. By offering a familiar relational interface to an in-memory data tier, MemSQL empowers developers with the technology web-scale companies use to cope with massive traffic and growth. MemSQL offers orders of magnitude improvements in write and read performance and greatly simplifies application development and maintenance.

Metamarkets is a real-time analytics platform with applications in programmatic advertising. They enable digital media buyers, sellers and exchanges to make better decisions by providing a visual and intuitive reporting interface into trillions of real-time advertising transactions. Metamarkets is akin to a Bloomberg terminal for online media markets.

ParStream provides a real-time big data analytics platform that filters and analyzes billions of records in sub-second time while continuously importing new data. The ParStream software is a column-oriented database with a unique indexing technology and a highly parallel architecture. The platform gains insights in real time with low latency and high throughput. ParStream’s vision is to revolutionize the database market to enable real time big data analytics. To achieve this, ParStream is conducting fundamental research and driving innovation in database technology, allowing users to perform real time analytics on big data at a significantly lower cost.

Realm is a mobile database embedded directly in phones, tablets or wearables. By replacing SQLite and Core Data, Realm enables developers to build amazing apps in a fraction of the time.

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