At Thync, we believe that when you conquer your mind you can conquer anything. The founding team, which is comprised of leading neuroscientists and consumer technologists, conceived the company with the intention of bringing together brain science with consumer technology to make lives better. Our passion is creating lifestyle wearables that shift your state of mind.

FOUNDER/CEO, Isy Goldwasser

KV was the place to go

How do we take brain science and bring it to consumers?

I came across KV because of our shared interest in clean tech and a willingness to take big risks. When I left my previous company in 2010, I wanted to do something completely different in neuroscience for consumers. I had so many ideas, and I told Samir what I was working on. I really felt like KV was the place to go for what I was trying to do.

A new category

I was an EIR at Khosla Ventures for a short period of time. I already had some ideas in mind and did a lot independently. Some EIR’s might expect KV to direct them, but I didn’t see it that way. KV was a platform to reach people, to actively go out and find things and kick ideas around. I was looking for something so disruptive that it would have been surprising if KV already had those ideas. My goal was to be historic, and one way to do that is to be the fastest and beat others purely on speed. I chose to create a brand new category for which there is no existing market. Thync is brand new. It’s much higher risk and longer-term, but it has the potential to be historic.

The future of consumer electronics

When we began in late 2011, we were trying to figure out if we could use ultrasound to safely modulate brain activity. We first tested it on animals. This photo is of a 200-pound pig with part of its skull removed. We were using ultrasound in the brain to understand the effects. While gowned in the operating room, I leaned over to my co-founder and chief scientific officer, Dr. Jamie Tyler, and said, “This is the future of consumer electronics!”

[We use] ultrasound to safely modulate brain activity.

Thync picture

It’s a joint venture

This is the future of consumer electronics!

We pitched the idea of reaching into the brain, tapping the mind and building revolutionary applications for consumers based on the technology. We presented for about 15 to 30 minutes.15 minutes later, Samir came into the room and said: “You’re funded. Thync is consumer-facing and really extraordinary from a science perspective. How do we take brain science and bring it to consumers?” No other firm would have backed that kind of idea. KV is one of the few places that would take a true risk to make a huge impact in a new space.

A lot of horsepower

Samir has been incredible: network, advice, support, you name it. There’s a lot of horsepower. Usually venture capitalists are full of it, but KV has totally been there. It’s been a great relationship. We have really active and important relationships, which came directly from KV, that have influenced the company and the product.