Relcy is a better way to search on your phone. Look inside all of your apps and the world around you at once. Powered by a knowledge graph of millions of real-world entities, Relcy delivers an intelligent and highly personalized search experience. By being contextually aware of where you are and what you want to do, Relcy helps you find what you need faster.

FOUNDER/CEO Rohit Satapathy

A match made in the Twittersphere

I actually just tweeted at Keith…and that’s how it started.I actually just tweeted at Keith (@rabois), and he tweeted back with his email address and that’s how it started. I actually didn’t even have a deck at that point, but Keith took the meeting anyway.

When you least expect it

To be frank, I didn’t expect an investment from Keith. I didn’t even have a fully functional prototype. Initially, I just wanted feedback as to whether or not I’m wasting my time or if there are other people who also believe in what I’m working on. I just wanted to meet someone with strong opinions on products and companies and had made big bets before. During our meeting, I threw out a random number, because I didn’t expect Keith to ask [how much I was raising]; I didn’t think it was a serious funding meeting. I just said the first thing that came to mind.

Partners from the beginning

The company was just me. I hadn’t even started the incorporation process. KV wired me money in May 2013, and the company officially started in June 2013.

Being a first-time CEO as your first job

Mobile search today [is] just importing links from a bigger screen to a smaller screen…My vision is to build a native search engine for mobile.I’m a first-time CEO, and this is actually my first full time job. I went to IIT in India, and during my final semester, I was accepted to Stanford GSB with a full scholarship. When I graduated, I decided I wanted to do something on my own rather than taking a job. I’ve learned more here than I would have if I worked anywhere else. For a first time CEO, I’ve been lucky to work with Keith for a couple reasons. First, no matter how crazy the idea is, he doesn’t ask you to hedge. Secondly, he’s not a control freak. He really allows you to be independent. I’m very independent in terms of my personality, so it works great.


I personally find that search is the core feature of any new platform, yet there still isn’t search for mobile. Not much has changed with mobile search today – it’s just importing links from a bigger screen to a smaller screen. Search is still fundamentally a PC product. My vision is to build a native search engine for mobile. 

Responsive on every medium, even Snapchat!

I’ve gotten lots of UI and product feedback from KV, like what to prioritize or what not to prioritize. I usually have meetings with Keith bi-weekly to talk about progress. It’s a good way to track where you are and add accountability. Our meetings are so frequent that Keith is like a virtual employee at Relcy. We bounce ideas off one another; it’s a combined effort. We have exchanges over email, phone, text and even Snapchat!

Experience and network

We have exchanges over email, phone, text and even Snapchat!

Keith’s made the process of starting my first company a lot easier and gives lots of guidance regarding what we should be careful about, the best things to do in different scenarios and helps define road maps and what milestones we should be building towards. He has tons of operational experience and a great network, which then enables you to do things that probably wouldn’t be possible without his help. KV’s also been really helpful with partnerships. When you don’t have a lot of users yet, it’s hard to prove your value proposition to potential partners. The introductions are a big help.