HackerRank is a platform for coding contests used by programmers to hone their skills and a tool for companies to streamline their recruiting processes. Hacker: “Someone who can make a computer do what he wants, whether the computer wants to or not.”No bullshit. Just absolute honesty.

FOUNDER/CEO, Vivek Ravisankar

Brutal honesty

Ben is a brutally honest person. No bullshit. Just absolute honesty. If you really want some good advice on how to actually build a business, Vinod and Ben are great. Essentially, they provide a framework to think about decisions and give freedom to the founder to make the final call. They are actually going to help me build a company; that’s awesome. 

Gene-pool engineering

KV is essentially operating like a startup.Vinod has actually interviewed every single person and provided feedback. I ask about a lot of team building things, especially senior level hires. It helps to get inputs on what he’s done in the past. Team/vision for the company is really important – it helps to figure out what we have to work on right now versus something we don’t need to prioritize. 

Operating like a startup

KV is essentially operating like a startup. As an entrepreneur, you’re just plugged into their network and can get help in different areas of company building, like recruiting, which is a huge asset.