EcoMotors came into existence with KV [and] the firm’s belief that dramatic fuel efficiency improvements are requiredEcoMotors is redefining how the world is powered by challenging conventions about the size, efficiency and versatility of the internal combustion engine.Their unique opposed-piston opposed-cylinder (opoc®) engine technology enables endless potential for innovation in vehicle and machine design.

President/COO, Amit Soman

Philosophically aligned

EcoMotors came into existence with KV. It was primarily due to the firm’s belief that dramatic fuel efficiency improvements are required in every application of the sector. Most clean tech plays are a slave to infrastructure, but we’re focused on engines that work with standard infrastructure. We’re focused on fuel economy. This is entirely aligned with the KV philosophy. 

Technical chops

My background is in engines; Vinod really gets into the technical details. We have monthly reviews, which end up being very technical. For instance, with mechanical rigidity and stability, he can look at a design and tell if it will be strong enough for long-term durability of a product. 

A true partner

KV was actually at the negotiating table…with us throughout the entire process.In March 2013, we announced our first licensing customer, ZhongDing. And at the end of February 2014, we announced a joint venture with a subsidiary of First Auto Works (FAW). In both instances, the customers are investing over $200 million in manufacturing facilities. KV was involved in both cases, not just in an advisory role, but actually at the negotiating table. How many investors or board members can you say that about? This isn’t just the equivalent of coming to a ribbon cutting; KV is with us throughout the entire process.